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Great game! Witty and noble main character, interesting setting and a lot of mystery.

That being said, I must second earlier request for guide - I have no idea how to get full score and (I presume) the good ending. Could you please create a guide or maybe share some tips on getting the course of actions right?


Indeed, a fabulous game you have here! Exciting story, carefully crafted dialogues and had enough mysteries.. 

But I'm currently stuck in the dungeon level where you discover the letter... 

Is there any guide I can follow here? 


I'm glad you like it!
In the dungeon, the primary objective is to find out where the boy went, and what he did in there. Try retracing his steps and think about what his course of action was. If you can't find it, wildly clicking around on the screen is a perfectly acceptable strategy for a point and click game ;P