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Peru, 1820

Lucienne Laval is a french noblewoman who is sent to the Viceroyalty of Lima to marry the son of her father's business partner, Alejandro Espinoza. Aside from being surrounded by unfamiliar faces and a culture different from her own, her new life promises to be more than just a little exciting when she uncovers a terrible secret. Between spilled blood, sacred gold and a rumored curse, can Lucienne find out who the liars are, and whom she can trust?

A short visual novel where players will need to put their skills at investigation and deduction to the test. Contains dialogue choices, point and click elements and two different endings.


This is an old project from 2014, before I had an HD screen. As such, the images are optimized for a screen size of 1366 x 756. I may come back to this game at some point and upscale the images for a better experience, but at the moment that is not a priority. Also note, while this prologue is technically completed and fully playable, it does not tell the whole story! You are free to imagine the greater context and who knows, maybe there will be a continuation at some point...


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Great game! Witty and noble main character, interesting setting and a lot of mystery.

That being said, I must second earlier request for guide - I have no idea how to get full score and (I presume) the good ending. Could you please create a guide or maybe share some tips on getting the course of actions right?


Indeed, a fabulous game you have here! Exciting story, carefully crafted dialogues and had enough mysteries.. 

But I'm currently stuck in the dungeon level where you discover the letter... 

Is there any guide I can follow here? 


I'm glad you like it!
In the dungeon, the primary objective is to find out where the boy went, and what he did in there. Try retracing his steps and think about what his course of action was. If you can't find it, wildly clicking around on the screen is a perfectly acceptable strategy for a point and click game ;P